Daisy is a new drawing app in development by CWDI GAMES. The current version of Daisy is 0.55 and implements:

  • symmetrical drawing: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or all at once!
  • Create your own brushes simply by copying .PNG images into the “Brushes” folder
  • Edit brush strokes on the canvas: change position, rotation, and color of your brush strokes easily
  • Use layers to create your images and add depth to 2D art/sprites
  • Save your artwork as a PNG file

Save a selected area of the canvas to disk as an image instantly… no copying and pasting to another canvas like other applications

Art created with Daisy 0.55





Daisy is in development by CWDI GAMES. Daisy is currently in beta and the current version is 0.55. Version 1.0 will allow artists/designers to create 3d models using Daisy.

Daisy is very easy to use and comes with a two page quick guide explaining all the controls of the current user interface. Watch a 76 second video below showing how easy it is to create symmetrical drawings with Daisy.



Custom brush created with Daisy 0.55

A peak of the future of Daisy…Looking through the wormhole. The two images below were created using an unreleased version of Daisy. Daisy version 0.6 is coming! A new feature allows users to import 3D models and easily create 3D renders/scenes using Daisy.

Created with upcoming version of Daisy which includes 3D
Daisy – Star Fight. The two space ships were imported during run time. The torpedo weapon on the canvas is a mix of 3D and 2D graphics created in Daisy for this image.

Daisy version 0.6 will allow you to create 3D art the same way you create 2D art



Daisy 0.6 is bringing improvements to 2D symmetrical drawing…









The current version of Daisy, version 0.55, is available for purchase as  a digital download. Daisy’s current price is $6.99. As features are added the price will increase. You only purchase Daisy once and get all future updates for free. Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities required to run Daisy. Daisy Requires Windows 7 SP1+, Mac OS X.11+, or Ubuntu 12.04+. By purchasing Daisy you agree to the Daisy user agreement.