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4X Space Time is a new 4x strategy game in development by CWDI GAMES. The hull designer, 4X Space Time Shipyard, is currently in early access on STEAM.

amariah is a light weight advanced graphic design app compiled in C++ and was CWDI GAMES first project. The Chrysanthemum was created August 23, 2018 using amariah.



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Daisy is a new drawing app in development by CWDI GAMES. The current version of Daisy is 0.59 and implements:

  • symmetrical drawing: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or all at once!
  • Create your own brushes
  • Use layers to create your images and add depth to 2D art/sprites
  • Save your artwork as a PNG file
  • Save a selected area of the canvas to disk as an image instantly… no copying and pasting to another canvas like other applications

The current version of Daisy is available for purchase as a digital download. The current version of Daisy is version 0.59. Daisy’s current price is $4.99. The price may increase as Daisy development approaches version 1.0.You only purchase Daisy once and get all future updates for free. Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities required to run Daisy. Daisy Requires Windows 7 SP1+, Mac OS X.11+, or Ubuntu 12.04+. By purchasing Daisy you agree to the Daisy user agreement